Pen in Hand

Here is your indispensable guide to staking your claim on writing and letting it claim you!

Do you wonder where to start?
Do you wonder how to break through writer’s block and get back your mojo?

Breathe deep. Now, turn off your internal editor, set the timer, and write. Burn through creative fog, find your voice, and know the satisfaction of writing, not just dreaming about it. With nearly 50 essays and writing prompts, you will be inspired, nudged into action, and challenged to go deep and wide.

If you are stuck or don’t know how to begin, these prompts will get you moving.

“Slow down the assimilation of poets and gypsies everywhere.” That’s the mantra Mai repeats before writing because she knows how difficult it can be to carve out space and time for writing. Using timed writing practice, you’ll discover your own voice and stories.

Writing isn’t for wimps and scaredy-cats. Within these writing prompts is a window into the details of life. No matter what you write – journaling, fiction, memoir, essay, poetry, songs, blogs- you will remember why you love the pen and the page!