Mindfulness Coach for Creatives and Creative Entrepreneurs

Do you struggle with ambition, drive, endurance, passion, purpose? What else? Your relationship to work, time, money, and intention?

Do you want to work through the many layers of being a creative person? Of running a creative business or creatively running a business?

When you are ready to take a closer look into your mind and heart to develop peace, stability, equanimity, compassion, joy, and freedom from the whirlwind of your mind or the chaos within your life, I am here to help.

If you would like a personal guide to introduce you to the tools and benefits of mindfulness and meditation, let’s talk.

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We’ll arrange a 30-minute complimentary call to see if what I offer is helpful for you.

Writing and Publishing

I have multiple businesses. Author, coach, and freelance writer. You can check out my many sites and see if any of these speak directly to you. This project is an extension of my book, “LIFElihood: 31 Days to Explore Work, Time, Money, and Intention to Create Your Best Life” and I am thrilled to share it with you! It is the home of the LIFElihood Podcast and Blog with the Adventures In X career guides and workbooks. Check it out if you are ready to explore your relationship to work, time, money, and intention in search of a more meaningful life. This is the home for my freelance writing business. If you need a writer to work on your projects, please pop over there and get in touch. You are already here. This is the home of my most personal project and publishing. I’ve published multiple books in the Mindful Journal series – from “Unwinding Anxiety: Free Your Mind, Get Your Life Back” to “Be Here” and “Wakeful” – all books that help you work through series of questions, contemplations, and mindfulness exercises to experience greater liberation and joy.