Fearlessness and Greetings

Waking up is easy to do when there’s a pen waiting for me. Long before the dawn, I find myself in the kitchen brewing a pot of tea before settling in on the couch to journal. This is how I start my days. How do you start yours?

This place in the interweb is for you and me to spend time becoming acquainted with each other, with the beauty of mindfulness and awareness. I’ve been writing about lots of things for lots of years, but it is very important to have a place just for this- body, mind, life, and pen. I’m here to encourage you to pull out your own pen and explore your life. In the process, I’ll share some of my experiences with you around waking up to true reality.

What is in a moment? Breath. Pause. Energy. Oh, and sometimes a lot of noise or chatter or flurry of emotion. This week I have on my mind the line I read in “Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior” in the fourth chapter called Fear and Fearlessness. The author, Chogyam Trungpa, writes that you can’t know fearlessness without first knowing fear. It’s true whether the fear is private or public. I’m afraid of heights and cliffs. I’m afraid I’ll tell you too much. But fearlessness can only come when I look those things in the eye and ask why.

Look into the eye of the storm then bow to it. Acknowledge what you see then let the storm go. It might be upturned cows and houses on the ground. See those too, feel your tender heart, and know the moment is alright, complete, passing.

I hope you’ll join me in the exploration of mindfulness, awareness, and the experience of the moment. For now, I must finish my cup of black tea with lemon and get ready for work.



5 Replies to “Fearlessness and Greetings”

  1. This marvel of interweb allows us to sit at a table with our respective cups of tea, coffee, or bourbon, and converse about the weather we are experiencing in our collective mind. Do you notice that warmth inside, as the morning sun surges through the window and bathes the room? Feel the chilled flurry of the wind underneath the contentment? Will I put on sunglasses or fly a kite today? It’s January; the days are getting longer even as the chill feels still. Me, it takes being behind four walls and away from my outside occupation to notice my dust-bunnies and water my houseplants, the accumulated residue of my habitual patterns and neglected expressions. Thanks for inviting me to your table; I wonder who else may pull up a chair.

  2. Oooh! I also want to pull up a chair to your table!! After the chaos of getting the kids and hubby out the door in the morning, I generally want nothing more than my pot of coffee, my pen, and my daily planner/brain dump journal. I have put off treating myself to quiet creation far too long. Time to get back at it! Peace to you, Andrea! Thanks for creating a lovely gathering spot!

    1. Happy to supply it! Hope you’ll find more time for this in your life. Love what you’re doing with your daily planner/brain dump journal.

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