5 Benefits of Journaling: Expansion

Journaling is an adventure in opening to insight and input from energy beyond our immediate life conditions and circumstances. It is a place for wisdom and ignorance to show their truth on the page and then expand beyond into the corners of life.

As we write, we make an opening for understanding, consciousness, and illumination. We channel our own wisdom. We allow spaciousness and new thought patterns. By writing through our sources of struggle, through our stories and questioning our delusions about what is certain and what is not, there is an opportunity for wisdom to come into the writing experience.

There is a choice to consciously apply ourselves to the writing, using it as a friendly place to witness how we identify strongly or weakly with what is happening in and around us. As we do that, it’s an invitation to our higher selves – our witness – to show up with words to help and guide us.

Journaling is meditation with a pen. It allows us to see, to witness, and to work with our heart-mind. What is calling to you? See what calls to you.

Writing is deep listening. It’s a place to consider our thoughts and experiences as well as our perceptions of what others are adding to the experience. Listen to your stories. And then check them with your body’s wisdom.

As you write about your work or your mom or your walk in the park, what is happening in your body? Where are you tight or loose, buzzing or numb? These little perceptions add up over time until one day you find yourself in a whole different view of same and similar stories.

All that to say – it’s the safest place to open and expand your heart-mind. Get to know yourself – with your full sensory experience as you begin to see the forest for the trees. Journaling gives you the power to read the room, gauge clear-seeing versus delusion, and get a line on what is happening energetically in your life. Want to open ever more fully to all the wisdom inside? The pen draws it out. Pinkie swear.

That’s it for this series. I hope you got some benefit from it. If you haven’t started journaling yet, grab a notebook and start. Don’t know where to start? If you’re interested and ready to take your creative life to the next level, I can’t wait to share with you my upcoming new book “Writing for Creative Awakening.” It contains 6 intensive writing and journaling methods to bring you greater clarity, creative energy, and connection. Crack open your creative life and do the great work you are here to do. More on this soon.

Happy writing!