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5 Day Mindfulness Challenge


Intimate details.

A plastic sack blowing across a maple-lined street in North Minneapolis.

The vibration from the redwood tree as you lay your palm against it. So intense it brings tears. Salty tears. One touches your tongue as you lick your lips.

The smell of an open gutter in a Chang Mai outdoor market, not quite like sewer, but maybe. Trickles of dirty water, dust, food remnants, and other things from the street.

The tickling of your nose with the robust and delicate perfume of lilacs in late May up north.

Jasmine blooming in Northern California. Sweet, cloying, decadent. Never drink jasmine tea the same way again.

Seagulls crying on the beach at Biloxi. Tasting sugar cane from a yard in New Orleans.

Travel is a potent experience of the moment. It takes us out of our ordinary life and puts us in contact with someone else’s ordinary life.

What about today? What will you experience around you that you have not

Today, look up. Inhale. Exhale. Remember a travel experience that brought you directly into the moment. Write about that.

Notice one experience today that brings you directly into the moment. Be with it.

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