Practice of Sound

There’s so much to hear inside noise. So many wants and desires. Thoughts, opinions, attitudes and volume levels that stir and direct energy.

The Family Wash. The band and the sound similar to Squirrel Nut Zippers without the manic. Just a sweet night. Jazz guitar, upright bass, tambourine for flavor and the character who played all the other instruments- flute, clarinet, saxophone and harmonica. Oh and there may have been a drummer behind all those people.

Sound is the opposite of quiet but when it is done with love and enjoyment by the musicians, what a shiver of joy rises up. The practice of listening and being open calls me into a relationship with the mind and heart of the sound maker. Is it music? Is it a chainsaw cutting firewood? Is it my insane cat who won’t stop meowling at the top of his lungs and can’t tell me what he wants?

Right now, I hear the purring of my newest foster kitten. We’re calling her Goldie. She’s this wonderful bundle of noise and playfulness. Her purr soothes the darkest corners of my heart. On the other side of the door is Pearl, who calls out to the new friend.

A bird, some chattery, chirpy thing, sat outside my window and beckoned to anyone listening. I don’t have a clue what that bird said. But I heard it.

Sound is everywhere. Some folks thrive on noise. Headphones on their ears, noise coming out loud enough I can hear it. Sound is everywhere. Sound is everywhere. It’s okay. I’ll adapt. I’ll find a way to let go of the constancy of it. Find the hum, thrum, sweet bliss line underneath it all.

What noise makes me want?  Reggae music makes me want peace and joy and a place to dance. Zydeco forces my feet into motion. The television turned up too loud makes me want silence. My spouse laughing creates a great burst of happiness.

Then there’s the sound when I sit on a cushion and meditate. It’s interesting to hear noise and let it go. Work with it as a passing thing, nothing fixed, just moving on by me through space. I love it.

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Peace and sweet sounds to your ears,



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