The Top 5 Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is my mainstay, my thing, my joy. And I want to share my love of it with you! So, I put together a series of the top 5 benefits of journaling. These are the things I’ve noticed after 3 1/2 decades of daily journaling. It didn’t take me that long to notice them – just to share them with you. Also, I started when I was 12 years old (so I’m not as old as it sounds!)

As creative people, we can’t take the easy way out. The art of being a wakeful creative is to do the work on ourselves to make room for the best work we have to offer. Deep creative work taps into our wisdom, curiosity, introspection, and awareness of our own stuff in relation to life around us. We’ve got to KNOW OUR OWN STORIES and OUR RELATIONSHIP TO THEM to create powerful work and have a greater impact.

Over the next 5 posts, I’ll deep dive into each of these benefits for you. Whether you are an old-hat journaler or just curious about if it really makes a difference, this series will help in so many ways by showing you just how beneficial and delicious putting those thoughts on the page is. When life meets the pen (or keyboard), you will cut through the cords and confusion quicker.

So, the Top 5 Benefits of Journaling are:

  1. Free Your Mind – Curation, concentration, capturing on page – as in lists, tasks, thoughts to give more thought to. Brain download.
  2. Know Yourself Better – Concentration, Cultivation, Curiosity. Contemplation.
  3. Clarity – Contentment, Contemplation, Curiosity. What am I content or not content with? What am I curious about, want to explore?
  4.  Creativity – inspiration, quotes from books and films and music or the world at large, new ideas, old ideas, why can’t iI resolve the old idea or bring it to fruition. Timing. Learning about timing and its place in the creative process. Not blocked, not stalled, just not the time for it so move on and if it is important, it will have its right time. And if it doesn’t that is okay. It’s all okay.
  5. Allow (channel) – Tap into energy and see what calls to you. Journaling as listening, checking in with your body-mind-heart, with your full sensory experience to read the room, so to speak. Get a gauge, a line on what is happening energetically in your life. And create open space for creativity and wisdom to come through.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned. I’ll be rolling these out over the next 2 weeks on Monday and Thursday of each week. There are some exciting things I want to share with you.

And one of those things is the upcoming book, “Writing for Creative Awakening.” It contains 6 intensive writing and journaling methods to bring you greater clarity, creative energy, and connection. Crack open your creative life and do the great work you are here to do. More on this soon.

Until next time,