First 90 Days of Self-Employment

Little detective
Little detective in studio

This week it will be three months since I left my job.

It’s been a really interesting experience. Nothing has been predictable; every day is different yet not. My cat, Pearl, has definite office hours where she takes up residence on my shoulders. Makes it really hard to type! Like right now.

I don’t know where this thing is going but it’s certainly an adventure. And I basically love every single minute of it!

Trusting that the Cosmos have my back and that this wild ride of following my intuition and trusting my body wisdom throughout the whole thing is probably easier because I spent the past two years really leaning into that trust.

Two years ago, I started writing a book called “Lifelihood” but didn’t finish it. It was missing something that I couldn’t quite figure out. Then a few weeks ago it hit me.

What was missing was the lens I ask all questions through. The lens of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The book is about how to create your livelihood while considering how work, time, money, and intentions factor in.

It guides you on a deep dive into your life with all the patterns, habits, and luggage you tote around. Oftentimes, your luggage is inherited – so you’re operating your life based on someone else’s ideas and relationship to work, time, money, and how intentionally or unintentionally life is lived.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live based on what YOU want from life? Instead of your family, friends, and society?

All my life I wanted to be a writer and to work for myself. It took years to get to the point where I could make the leap into a very uncertain existence. It’s forced me to really ask how much I trust myself, the nature of reality, and what my true work really is.

And thank goodness I’m doing yoga, because baby, self-employment means a lot of flexing and rolling, shifting and reconfiguring.

Lifelihood came into existence because I’m the Queen of Questions. Life should be lived well with intention and consideration.

So, what’s the work you want to do?

Or maybe it isn’t about the work at all but about having enough time or money. Do you have a vision you, a way of being in the world that matters so much to you?

Are you shedding your old self and trying on new things?

Wherever you are in your #midlifecrisis or #quarterlifecrisis, just know you’re not alone. Lifelihood will be coming out on June 25. Let it help you ask the deep questions.