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So, you might have seen some of my videos telling you about the release of Lifelihood: 31 Days to Explore Work, Time, Money, and Intention to Create Your Best Life.

Slacker that I am, I haven’ yet announced it here on my blog. Now I’ve remedied that, right?

The thing is, I didn’t want to just tell you about it and leave it at that. There’s been a lot of cosmic dust being kicked up, eclipses both solar and lunar, and some amazing things happening to a lot of us because of it.

What does that have to do with LIFElihood? Releasing a project has many layers and steps. I’ve literally been living this book over again, dancing with intentions and being in alignment with my dream in a deep and meaningful way. There’s much that is coming out of it.

When I went through my mid-life disruption a couple of years ago, it felt like I had to push so hard to achieve my dream.

Now, I’m in the eye of the storm. Cows and old Chevy’s are flying around me with other debris. I see it clearly, the work that calls to me, the life I am here for, yet the debris is flying at 80 miles an hour.

As best as I can explain it, it feels like what I’m doing right now is tossing everything I have up into the storm and waiting for it to settle.

Last week was exquisite torture.

See, there is stuff I know I’m here to share with people. My preferred ways of doing that are writing, facilitating discussions, coaching, sitting down in the grass and sharing, or collaborating with others who are doing similar mind-body-spirit work in the world.

I thought I kept taking detours. My ego wanted to believe I was making wrong turns or veering off course. Why? Fear? Survival instincts? Doesn’t matter. Turns out, I’m right on track. Right in the eye of the storm waiting, tossing, doing, being.

How does it work?

The ego and thinking brain operate out of survival instinct.

It’s all primal, animal-in-the-wilds kind of mentality. It distorts and comments on all the actions I feel called to take. So, all my life I’ve played this game. “Today, I am X and that is what I will do forever and ever, amen.”

Silly human. I’ve been doing this my whole life and know my patterns – my glitchy wiring. I’m all in or all out. Every. Damn. Time.

It’s a habitual mind pattern. It actually makes me laugh quite a lot now. The ego wants to run the show. It acts up like a big ol’ brat and tries to drag me into doubt. The shadow places inside want things to stay the same.

It’s okay.

Then EGO tries to trip me up and freak me out about there being zero certainty in the timeframe for success.

It’s best to hold a little space for that animal instinct and give it a little cuddle and smile. Like a little Gremlin. Scratch it under the chin and saw, “Oh, you sweet confused thing!”


LIFElihood is about working with our intentions. We all have some. Mine are easy. Love people. Pay the bills. Live simply. Live creatively. Be healthy. Do the work I’m here to do…help us know ourselves better and stop numbing out by sharing the best tools.

Working with intentions has shown me both mind over matter and mind becomes matter. Both/and. It’s a paradox. (Geez, I love a good paradox!)

I’ll write about how to work with intentions and the paradox in the next post.

If you are working through your own questions around work, time, money, and intentions, pick up a copy of LIFElihood on Amazon.