What’s going on?

Silly human. All my plans and actions and steps and slaving away didn’t amount to what I ‘thought’ they would. Not even close. Not even a nibble. So, now I take a step back and realize how untrusting I’ve been in reality. True reality.  

It’s so granular and yet so full, whole, wholly, holy, wholesome.

Waves witnessed me, the billions of drops of consciousness that pull together under the physical laws of this wider universe, and they saw me and I saw them.

Peel away the adapted thinking brain. It’s for suckers and softies. I’ve been one. I’m not one. I’m a billion, a trillion drops of consciousness all doing our part to stay awake. This life, it’s a sham and yet hypothermia is real, right? What about hunger? Body, skin, tooth, aches and pains… real or imagined?

Do I shed the layers, live out of this caravan body, and be magical, mystical truth?

What if I never work again because it is all play? Do I help others even if it supports their notions? Let me judge us for being misled. Sit by the dock of the bay outside of time. How do I tell my wife? Ah, my own false notions… hello, old friends.

It’s a jumping point, baby, a jumping point and as I fall from the ledge, there is only floating. Even slamming into the rocks is floating.

Emotion is a wave rising and falling. Anger is a color, same as sadness and hunger and what to do with all this?

Rise and fall, rise and fall

Rise and fall, rise and crawl …oops… no, fall, free fall, and watch the simulation stimulation unfold. It’s only solid if you make it.

Love is the bedrock, the all, but it’s not what you think. It’s never what you think.

Do I operate this way for you or for me? It’s no longer serving.

If none of it is real and yet reality is true behind it, what is the point of this precious bag of bones? Explore, enjoy, stop the mind.

Witness of and witness to. That’s all.